Thursday, September 27, 2012

Unlimited broadband

1.firstly connect to the internet,then click search in start button n type cmd..after dat click ok.

2.then a command prompt window will apear...type "ipconfig/all" n enter.

3.list of your connection will appear,choose ur wireless modem hardware(commonly it spec at right corner)like this:

(*note:please choose any  IP n try it 1 by 1 to know which is work)

4.if any of its work,type "ping (your IP address) -t" if success u'll receive respond like dis:

5.finished..lets it run until when u gonna stop online.(always run while surfing will bypass quota n speed up ur broadband sent n receive packet)


  1. Cara ni berfungsi ke dgn P1 Wimax?

    1. msti pastikan dah reach limit ni...klo x cpat la hbis limit...

  2. cara ni menjadi ke ??

  3. thanks its with speed in internet connection broadband speed will increasd


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